Hello, my name is Sandy. My maiden name is Senerchia and married name is Casagrande. I have been married to my husband, Tom, for 50 years come this January. Tom has three daughters and together we have four sons. He has six grandchildren and together we have nine.

I have recently retired from breeding the bi-color persian cat, a very beautiful breed requiring a lot of care. I enjoyed my years in the fancy. I am left with one red and white male Persian named Robbie and one blue and white Maine coon named Blu—enough to keep me busy! I placed my beautiful calico, Chloe, to a new U.S. marine family in North Carolina. She is doing well.

Tom's most recent hip surgery has taken a toll on both of us. He had a tough recovery and was left with a drop foot. We move slowly these days and do not wander too far from home.

I am once again enjoying my yard and my gardens and also my backyard birds. I feed them all. My favorite summertime visitors are the hummingbirds. They give me such pleasure.

I am still actively selling Careprost for eyelashes. Please see my for sale page. After quilting for over 20 plus years, I have since decided to retire.

I sell mostly on ebay under the name 2013_bighouse... If you need or would like more information please email me on the contact page

My beautiful grandchildren are still here on my site and I will be updating pictures soon. They are growing so fast.

Thank you for visiting. Please leave your pawprints in my guestbook before you leave.